Showing teachers and students the way.

The rise of mental health awareness in our country has brought with it new approaches to the way we educate our children. Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which promotes self-awareness and empathy, has been rapidly gaining momentum in districts nationwide. Wayfinder is at the forefront. Their unique approach and software platform have been helping kids of all age ranges and grade levels. The result? Nothing short of life-changing.

Raising the bar

Wayfinder’s success is not only due to the unique design of their curriculum, but also their focus on high-quality materials for students. However, their website lacked the fit and finish to match. Our job was to ensure a first impression that would better mirror the design sensibilities and thoughtful approach of their best-in-class curriculum.


Expanding the Wayfinder brand

Wayfinder’s brand guidelines utilize natural elements and artwork as a building block for their identity. We selected a few of their illustrations and peppered them throughout the site.

Naturally authentic

When it came to photography we combined minimalistic natural backdrops, with real-life classroom scenes that avoided cliche scenarios.

Bringing it all together

With all our elements combined, including a fresh color palette and clean typography, the Wayfinder site exudes a modern, tech-forward  feel, while still maintaining the brand’s organic warmth.

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