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Searching for the future of science.

As we've all witnessed over the past couple years, the collision of tech and medicine has led to some of the most exciting breakthroughs the world has ever seen. But the Life Sciences industry needs leaders with a unique set of skills to drive companies forward. Humans who have a vision for the future, are fearless in pursuing it, and have the smarts to back it up. Stevenson Search helps find those people.

Down to the studs

If we were the layup-types, our task for Stevenson would have been to design a new website. But when we looked at the talent search industry, it was clear that Stevenson could dunk on the competition with a proper brand overhaul as well. After digging into their business, culture, and leadership, we got to work by retooling their  identity system, refining the firm’s name, and capping it off with a new digital home that better represented their best-in-class capabilities.


Stevenson Search Partners brand identityStevenson Search Partners wordmarkStevenson Search Partners mark

Avengers, assemble

When clients hire Stevenson, their day-to-day team is compromised of four members, each of whom bring a unique skill set to talent search. This structure drove our concept of four “pieces” coming together to form the S shape at the core of their new identity.

Stevenson Search Partners business cardStevenson Search Partners coffee mugStevenson Search Partners tote-bagStevenson Search Partners Instagram profileStevenson Search Partners letterhead

Stick to the classics

In a forward-looking industry like Life Sciences, it’s easy to get enamored with a new visual trend or style. But we intentionally built Stevenson’s site with a classic look that we felt would stand the test of time. Sturdy typographic styles paired with an understated color palette formed a foundation that’s designed to last for years to come.

Stevenson Search Partners website homepage
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Stevenson Search Partners website case studiesStevenson Search Partners Adam Bloom bioStevenson Search Partners website collage
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