Sharp Think

An agency vision becomes a reality.

The team at Sharp Communications reached out to Armor to help usher in a new era for their PR firm. Twenty years into their existence and they were ready to make some bold new moves.

A man with a plan

James Brodsky knew what he wanted. The founder of NYC-based Sharp Communications had seen his PR agency flourish nicely, and was now ready for its identity to evolve right along with it. His vision included a new name,  new branding and an impeccably appointed new office space in Midtown Manhattan.


Honoring their roots

Over the years the Sharp brand had become synonymous with a vibrant orange that helped them stand out in the crowded NYC communcations space. We anchored their identity  in that orange and used it as a bold accent in all aspects of the identity work.

a rosé bar (nuff said)

We’ll admit we didn’t have a big part in designing their physical space, but helping them out with environmental graphics throughout was a nice way to leave our imprint on this beautiful design.

Sharp brand, sharp site

When it came to Sharp’s new website we kept it crisp and fresh with B&W photography, a restrained color palette and clean typography.

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