Developers, developers, developers!

Two doors down from the Armor office is the home of Promptworks, a super sharp development studio that was in need of a brand refresh. We reimagined their visual identity, tightened up their storytelling, and delivered a brand new website to serve it all up.

A strong foundation

Promptworks had all the ingredients you hope for when tackling a branding asssignment – a solid, progessively-minded company culture,  a fantastic results-driven body of work, and a self-aware leadership team with the perfect blend of confidence and humility. We were excited for the opportunity to team up with our neighbors.


A new mark to set the stage
We wanted Promptworks’ new logo to reflect the team’s philosophy and approach, as well as their good-natured mission and personalities. With that in mind, the design shines a light on many becoming one, while the colorful palette reflects the desire to turn down the self-seriousness dial that exists with many dev firms.
Taming the technical
Going unchecked, it’s easy to drown a website in the insider language of your industry. Promptworks, however, was committed to writing content that was clear and compelling to even the most technical neophyte. Simplified copy, combined with a bright and approachable aesthetic, helped give the site a modern yet unpretentious feel.
Big ideas, little details
When you’ve got a whip-smart team of thinkers and doers, they’re going to need a space to share with their community. We designed the site to have expansive areas for an ever-expanding content library, while not sacrificing some of our favorite design details that are peppered throughout the interface.
It doesn't have to stop here. We've got a lot more sweet work to show you. Keep going.
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