Pond Lehocky

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Pond Lehocky is a leading law firm in Philadelphia that made its name in workers’ compensation and relies heavily on digital lead generation.

Modernizing a local leader for expansion and growth

The team at Pond was poised for growth with a handful of new service offerings. Unfortunately, they were still relying on a website built years ago that lacked modern mobile friendliness and intuitive navigation. So we built an uncluttered and sleek new interface focused on search engine optimization and lead conversion.


Hiring an attorney can feel overwhelming. So we designed an interface that could help dense topics feel light and easily digestible.

Started on the web now we here

We brought the clean, simple aesthetic of the website to key onboarding and marketing materials used throughout the firm.

a dream partnership

In 2018 Pond Lehocky became an official partner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Quite a big deal for founder (and lifelong Eagles fan) Sam Pond. To help generate excitement internally and externally Armor was tasked to create swag giveaways, marketing materials and a thirty second television commercial.

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