Better care. Faster.

We don’t like to choose favorites, but this has to be one of the more rewarding projects we've ever worked on. A great idea whose sole focus is to help people in need. A client who wanted to build a product right alongside our team. And a user interface design challenge that kept us all on our toes. This one was special.

A heartbreaking story creates a new mission

The MediFind backstory is both heartbreaking and inspiring: a Merck exec who heads up data and analytics watches his brother struggle to find the best care for his rare cancer. By the time Dennis Howie found the experimental treatment that could have saved his life, it was too late.

Out of this heartbreak, MediFind was born, with the aspirations of becoming the world’s single best healthcare resource. We supported this ambitious effort with a welcoming brand identity, design system, and React-based front-end for the website.


A helping hand

MediFind was built to help people. That singular focus went into every portion of our interface work. Tools, content, and search results were all served up in clean, easy-to-use modules.

More than a doctor directory

The MediFind team was committed to developing robust tools that went far beyond a simple doctor search. Working closely with their product team, we designed user pathways that made the full suite of offerings easy-to-find and a breeze to master.

A welcome change

MediFind needed to flex its extensive data muscles, but not overwhelm visitors with info. We wanted users to see our brand as a comfort as they embarked on a challenging care journey.

It's crowded in here

It’s not easy to stand out in the healthcare space. We built the MediFind brand around bold graphic elements and a uniquely bright palette that strayed from the norms.

It doesn’t have to stop here. We’ve got a lot more sweet work to show you. Keep going.
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