meal Finds

Putting an end to “What’s for dinner?”

The boom of the meal kit industry has made selecting a service a daunting task. If only there were a website that allowed you to search all the possibilities and filter on each of your requirements.

ending analysis paralysis

To help site visitors choose a meal kit we needed to design an interface and filter system that put every option on a level playing field. With all extraneous information removed it made comparing, contrasting and ultimately selecting a service much easier.


The devil is in the details

We designed content modules that made service details easy to scan and compare. While recipes were placed in rotating carousels for fast browsing.

A palette cleanser

The Meal Finds identity needed to stay relatively neutral to work well with the hundreds of brands that would be surrounding it. We created a simple mark and paired it with a lightweight and airy palette.

Iconic meals

With so many categories of services and kits, we opted to design a set of icons that could be used to represent each.

Find your faves

We designed an easy-to-use filter and sort system that makes finding the perfect meal kit simpler.

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