Helping veterinarians live saner lives.

It's sad but true – a career in veterinary medicine can lead to a bad place. Many vets are burnt out and isolated. They work tough shifts in places that might not be the best environment for great animal care. IndeVets' mission is to change the industry's staffing struggles by giving doctors the life they deserve.

Building a better way

It only works because of their talented team, but the IndeVets model itself is actually pretty simple in concept. So idealistic that it even makes some vets think it's too good to be true.

The basic premise – IndeVets hires and provides doctors with the trifecta of perks: top-notch pay, great benefits, and the ability to choose when and where they work.

Our goal was to convince veterinarians that this dream scenario was real.


Sophisticated meets playful

The IndeVets concept is truly unique in the vet staffing space, so we wanted their identity to follow suit. We started with a bright, cheerful palette paired with copy that had a playful tone.

A skateboarding dog set the tone

Our client fell in love with the idea of whimsical illustrations being a foundational element of IndeVets’ identity. We partnered with local illustrator Malachy Egan who brought humans and animals together in awesomely unexpected ways.

A straight forward concept doens't need fluff

We streamlined the IndeVets online experience into three main pages focused on  vets, hospitals, and the benefits of choosing IndeVets.

A dash of color, a splash of fun

Typography, color, and illustration all came together in harmony for the website design. Our goal was to clearly articulate the IndeVets concept, but also give a glimpse into their “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” culture.

The Big Unveiling

To promote the new brand rollout we created beautiful and flexible  advertising assets that could be utilized across social media platforms.

It doesn't have to stop here. We've got a lot more sweet work to show you. Keep going.
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