Turns out this digital thing is here to stay.

For years, Entech has acted as a sort of digital sherpa; guiding businesses of all shapes and sizes through the process of digitizing different aspects of their operations. They came to Armor for an update to their identity, website, and supporting brand materials.

Consulting for the consultant.

Entech needed to regain their focus. Years of growing their consulting practice had resulted in a suite of services that was too broad for a single entity. We helped Entech rebrand their core business and build a website that was more reflective of their current offerings.


Middle out

For our identity work, we rallied around the concept of digital being at the center of any given organization. All other aspects of the business reverberate out from that core, and are represented as concentric circles.

Master of all

Entech offers services for a wide range of industries, so our site design needed to abstain from leaning too far into one or the other. We gravitated towards design elements that could be universal. Bold colors, weighty typography and modern photography that felt of the moment.

Doing a little with a lot

Website content needed to cover a lot of ground. So we built compartments, lists and grids that would allow site visitors to scan large swaths of text.

Tech-inspired iconography

A custom-designed set of icons was created for Entech to utilize on the website and broader marketing materials.

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