Earth Science

The grass really is greener over here.

For over 20 years, Green Bay, WI-based Encap was producing safe, organic, and effective lawn and garden products. With an upcoming switch to the more consumer-friendly Earth Science name, they called on us to design a new website and digital marketing materials.

The science is in the soil.

The crew at Earth Science are lawn and garden geniuses. They develop incredible products that’ll make it look like you know what you are doing in your backyard. Our challenge was to balance the brilliance of their heady, scientific approach, with the beauty of the products' results.


Finding our tone

We began our design with an exploration of palette. We stuck to warm, earthy tones to help reinforce the brand and sync up with the packaging consumers will see on store shelves.

Beauty & science illustrated

To help reinforce Earth Science’s easy-to-use products, we developed clean and simple icons for key instructions and product benefits.

A campaign grows in Wisconsin

As the website neared launch we created a flexible ad campaign that our client could use on multiple platforms and media.

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