On a mission to eliminate that clipboard moment.

You know what we’re talking about. That moment when you get to the doctor’s office and all you want to do is play sudoku on your phone and try to ignore everyone else in the waiting room. Instead you get handed a clipboard with the Magna Carta on it and are asked to fill it out in triplicate. AVIA is here to fix that.

Docs meeting Digital.

Let’s face it, the healthcare industry is slow to change. Meanwhile, modern consumers want everything faster, easier and at their fingertips. Enter AVIA. They believe that technology can dramatically improve patient experiences, and organizations’ bottom line. We helped them build a site to tell that story.


A perfect pairing

Beautiful, lightweight illustrations created by our good friend Ana Karen were the perfect complement to the site’s design.

Slim & trim

We challenged the AVIA team to eliminate extraneous language and overly-used jargon. This resulted in easy to digest pages with plenty of space for highlights and callouts.

It doesn’t have to stop here. We’ve got a lot more sweet work to show you. Keep going.
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